Vi om os
Brooks forever
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...busking in Rostock 1992 Rostock´s sea canal in 1992

In 1992, the story of "Irish Coffée" started with busking. Only one year later the band already made progress by playing on open-air stages. Then in 1993, we got our great chance:
"The Kellys" had to cancel one whole concert day and "Irish Coffée" did the job for them instead. Four gigs at one single day...
The band became popular over the night... Since that day the band developed in a more encouraged and ambitious way. Whereas we had only played pure traditional Irish Folk at the beginning, we soon extended our repertory in order to play well-known folk classics and even the first self-written songs.
The development went on by a one-hour presentation on a radio station followed by ten gigs in several TV shows in the meantime.
Because of this ongoing popularity, a change in musical instrumentation was required.
Whereas "Irish Coffée" played unplugged only at the beginning, they have added drums, a bass guitar and an e-guitar from 1996 on in order to encounter bigger stages with a proper sound quality.

at Warnemünder beach in 1993

photo session in 1993

...working in the studio at the 2nd CD in 1994

So, the sound became much more multicoloured and also
modern arrangements could be composed and played.

Today, "Irish Coffée´s" repertory ranges from
traditional classics such as "Red is the Rose", Dirty
old Town" played in the style of a folk rock song, or
"Casting my Shadow" played "New-Country-like" to songs
by Tracy Chapman, Garth Brooks and the "Four Non
As it always had been, the band still likes open-air
gigs best, since the fans can watch and listen to a
live show that is special and undeniably "Irish-Coffée-
Some of the (band)members had to leave the band again
again, either by a change of their working conditions
or private matters, but the basic idea always remained
the same.

our first fans
The sound of "Irish Coffée" is
marked by as fresh solo voices (aswell)
as marvellous harmony singing
accompanied by professional
musicians that demonstrate
loyalty, professionalism, humour,
fun, flexibility and a good stage
condition to their audience.

Rostock´s harbour day in 19966

on the NDR stage in 1997

in a New Year´s Eve TV show in 1998

on board of the "Atlantic" in
Greifswald in 1997
"Irish Coffée" got acknowledgements by an NDR documentation about the band´s Denmark tour, by 700 concerts all over Germany and even in other European Countries as in small places as well as concert halls and
on open-air stages in Rostock, Kiel Lübeck, Berlin, Greifswald, Stralsund, Rügen, Kopenhagen,
Döllefjelde, Nyköping, Marielyst, Hessen, Hamburg...
A mile stone in our history was the tour together with the "Olsen Brothers" across Denmark in 1999.

in 1999

For the first time we were treated like
professional musicians by that Danish manager.

at a concert in Döllefjelde (Denmark) in 2000

The 2nd CD can be purchased in
the shops already for a good deal of time and
the 3rd CD "Our live is music" is going to be
produced before the end of 2003.

busking in 2001

our show in 2002

our up-to-date formation in 2003

Together with the 10-year birthday celebration in 2003 started the 2nd long awaited show and real Garth Brooks freaks should be truely happy about it. "Brooks Forever" is it´s name and this show is expected to become a new hit in the "New Country" music scene. Than was coming the 15-year bithday and the search for new musician and after metting with any irish dancers -Ruediger start to build a new show with 16 irish dancers

and ,,Irish Coffe" called: ,,The Soul of Irland" Premiere was in may 2008 in Nykoebing/F Denmark  !

Now we are playing in different Crews  with musician 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or also the 10 person Band!

So, have much fun at our concerts and: We are looking forward to seeing you!