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Why Garth Brooks?
More than 10 years a fan of Garth Brooks.

Who is Garth Brooks?
With his music he has won more than 100 of the biggest music awards.
He is the only male solo artist in the music history who has sold 3 albums, single one of them 10.000.000 times.
His music has changed the country- music completely.

Because of Garth Brooks, New Country has become the most multifarious music style.

And because of that, Rüdiger has through several years searched and found the right musician who really stand behind this music.
Irish Coffee has already played songs of Garth Brooks for several years. Songs like “Ireland” as opening of their show, and “Friends In Low Places” in the middle of the program.
The audience started asking for more music of Garth Brooks.



But though there was a big enthusiasm, the band also doubted if the quality in the band was good enough to go on in this direction.
Rüdiger decided to make his dream come true, and to make his own Garth Brooks show, but to do this, the band needed some changes, ‘cause with only 4-5 musician it simply not possible to play this kind of music authentic enough.

So Rüdiger searched and found some new muscian for the band, they all only knew each other from seeing.
At his home, Rüdiger showed the new musician the video with the Garth Brooks concert in Central Park.
After they had watched the video, nobody said a word.
Then Rüdiger asked every single one Do you want to play this kind of music?

Though it would be a lot of work in a very short time from November 2002 till May 2003, everybody was ready to start the work on the second show of Irish Coffee Brooks Forever.

Since May 2003 was Brooks Forever beside Irish Coffee more often arranged, unfortunately only in the north of Germany.
So it’s really on time for the band to take the show to the south, to see if it’ll be accepted of people who really know Garth Brooks.

Though we only play a small part of Garth Brooks’s repertory (about 20 songs), we’ll go on building up the show.
Untill now the band has only got positive review on the musical part.
The song “The Dance”, will be at the third album of Irish Coffee. Irish Coffee performed this song for the first time the 17.08.2003 in German television. This tells us that it can’t be that bad.

After the invitation from Debbie Cooper from Los Angeles
( a friend and fan of Irish Coffee) to the 75th birthday of The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, we experienced 6 shows, among others a show with Garth Brooks, and as a extra surprise, we got a backstagecard. After a short meeting with Garth Brooks, we finally stood on the floor of The Gand Ole Opry stage.

Let us all hope for many good concerts and songs of Garth Brooks.
Cross your fingers for us!
Hope to see you all at our concerts in the future.
We wish you a lot of fun with Irish Coffee and Brooks Forever.

Here are the pictures at
the Country-festival 2004
in Silkeborg

Here are some impressions
Country-Musik-Messe 2007
in Berlin

Special photos from Schlossparkfestival 2007
in Rothenburg (Fulda)